Looking back at January…

It seems crazy that I haven’t scrapped birthday photos of Molly’s January birthday but truth be told, it was a bit of a non-event. She doesn’t like a fuss so she wanted to go out to eat (but not let the waitstaff know!) and have ice-cream (not cake) for dessert. So that is what we did.


I really can’t believe that she’s a teenager. How did that happen? In typical teenage fashion she told me that I should know, I was there the whole time! That was yesterday’s layout. And here’s today’s:


I’m keeping up the streak! How long with it last? 🙂

Butterbeer and other ramblings

Hello? Remember me? Probably not. It’s been, gasp, almost a year since I posted here. I’ve fallen off the scrapbooking wagon – life, the universe and everything got in the way. But I miss it, so I’m trying to climb back on. Slowly, but surely. I’m hoping to do something creative every day this month. I’m not committing to a layout, but I want to make something every day. Wish me luck!

Here’s today’s offering. My first layout of the year:


Day 18: keeping on going (backwards)

The thing about not taking many photos is that I have now scrapped all my 2015 photos*, so I’m moving back to 2014. Here’s Halloween:


*I do have a few snow photos to scrap but since there’s still so much snow around (and more in the forecast), I just can’t bring myself to do it. Too soon maybe?

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