Finally finished with 2010 — project 365 that is!

I did it! I took a photo a day for 2010 and managed to finish up a layout for every week. I had to use a combination of my date book and emails to remember everything that happened over the course of the year because I made the layouts every few months but I *think* I stayed pretty true to reality or at least what I wanted to remember!

You can see a supply list at Designer Digitals. Now I’m free to move on to other projects. Although, I probably should have saved some of this for Calvinball. Hmm…

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5 thoughts on “Finally finished with 2010 — project 365 that is!”

  1. Fan-friggin-tastic! You are my digital hero, Paula Gilarde. I shall for ever more call you "Digi-Girl, Master of the Pixel."

  2. LOL at Sarah!

    Everytime I see your books I am inspired to do project 365. But we already know I suck at that so maybe I will just try to do a book for 2010 using whatever photos I have!

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