Inspiration Challenge #76: at the bus stop

Inspiration Challenge #76: at the bus stop

Greetings from snowy New England. We’re starting our week off with a layer of white stuff. I’m not going to get too upset since it’s not going to be very cold today, and I have to admit that it’s kind of festive. I found this week’s inspiration piece in warmer times. Last Summer while in Boston I saw the following at a bus stop and immediately stopped to snap a photo. It screamed ad challenge to me!


It’s perfect for times when you have a very large number of photos. Hmm…when did I last take a ridiculous amount of photos? Ah, yes. The Christmas card photo shoot. Why do many you ask? All because I had one uncooperative subject. We did get one in the end but boy, did he make it hard work! Here’s my take on the inspiration:

I also make the mistake of thinking it would be cute to use a string of lights in the photo. That didn’t make it to the final photo either. I do really try to make things simple, honest! :) Do you take a photo for your holiday card? And if you do, is it as difficult for you as it is for me?

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  1. The photos are charming and so is your layout. Merry Christmas, Paula.

  2. I cheated and took the best photos from throughout the year. My kids are pretty cooperative but you never know. Wouldn’t you know it, though, as soon as I ordered the cards (Shuittterfly) suddenly holiday photo ops, from the kids with snowmen to a scuba diving Santa at the Seattle Aquarium popped up. Sheesh.


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