Inspiration Challenge #79

Good Monday morning everyone! It’s time for a new inspiration challenge. This is a quick and simple one that I ripped from a magazine a while back.


It’s a little gloomy and dark but I went with a lighter interpretation. I liked the text treatment – the journaling in three columns and the strip of text between lines. I also liked the dimension of the photo – see how it’s raised at the sides. I’m quite pleased with my version of that 🙂


A quick and easy start to my new year’s scrapping. I’m a little shocked that this is my first layout of 2013. I’ve been working on other crafty projects (for Jillibean at CHA) but I’m about to get back to my usual projects now. I’m thinking of doing project life – in paper/hybrid! I’ve bought the sleeves and I’ll attempt my first layout today. My plan is to involve the kids in some fashion – let’s hope they are interested!

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge #79”

  1. I like your take but I think you need to go back and make another and go craqzy and distress it. (Yes, I am a big fan of distressing) just for the artistic challenge of it. Surely you have some great mmody photo of Ireland, hmm? Big kudos on getting such a great documentary photo; one you’ll be so glad you have, 🙂

    1. I accept the challenge Natalie! And yes, I’m sure I have many, many photos from Ireland that I could use 🙂 Stay tuned for round 2

  2. I’m having a problem with some of your web-site pages=”Internet Explorer’s Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Filter” explaining that this page has been cross scripted. Whatever that means.


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