Inspiration Challenge #89

Good Monday morning everyone! Despite the fact that it’s almost Easter we are still surrounded by piles of snow here in the North East. I hope it’s a little better wherever you are. This week I went digging through my stash of ads/fliers/what-have-you looking for some inspiration. I had intended to go through ads I had used before, hoping to put a new spin on them, but then the following ad caught my eye:


I notice that I’ve used a few different table of contents from magazines – must look out for more! I thought this would work nicely to document my first time cross-country skiing (this week!). What can I say, there was never any snow in Ireland when I was growing up and there certainly weren’t any skiis!


I said “skiing-ish” because I avoided inclines, any kind of hills made me nervous 🙂 but other than that I did great! I’m so grateful to my friend Becky for taking me out and being so patient with me. You rock Becky! But now, I’m ready for some sun – c’mon spring!!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge #89”

  1. Ooh! Love the white blowout! Aesthetically perfect choice for a skiing L/O!!!
    FYI, I’m off to Peru for 10 days over Easter, but I’ll be online to see next Monday, as always. Wouldn’t miss it. And hopefully get some good writing and photo ops, too. 🙂

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