Inspiration Challenge #124

When I was running low on inspiration, my husband found this postcard in the mail and handed it to me. He knows me so well 🙂


Here’s my take (with special thanks to my friend Jenn who sent me these photos). It was a wonderful day!


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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge #124”

  1. Paula, I am so thrilled to see you posting inspiration pieces again. They are my lifeline. Without your posts, I would probably never find the motivation to scrap – a hobby I really enjoy. I have searched the web looking for ads or posters but seem to have very little lick so I can well imagine how difficult it must be for you to find pieces every week but I sure hope you can continue. I actually look forward to Tuesdays just to see your posts.

    1. So many typos…..mainly because over the years, many of the letters have worn off of my keyboard and I have to rely on an ever reduced memory to remember where the correct letters are. My name is not Howler as you can see in this corrected version and I have “very little luck” not “lick”. Need to review my posts before hitting “submit”.

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