Happy non-mushy Valentine’s Day!

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Just a quick drive-by with some valentine’s projects the kids and I have been working on. I think this is probably the last year for class valentines for my two and we kept it simple. One big requirement for Valentines for these tweens is that they couldn’t be mushy or mention love.

Tommy was obsessed with Rainbow Loom for months so we have oodles of the bands around the house. I knew this would be a good opportunity to use some of them up. Tommy picked a loom-connected phrase to put on the Valentines and I printed them up using a fun font. We made 20 fishtail bracelets (I helped to speed up the process) to go with the cards so everyone in the class would get a bracelet.  We mounted the cards on some Jillibean Soup Soup Staples to give them some heft. I love the way they came out:


We adopted a similar approach to Molly’s cards. We found a bunch of glow-sticks tossed in the back of the closet – a hold over from a birthday party perhaps. After searching for an appropriate phrase to go along with them, Molly finally picked “You brighten my day”. Definitely not mushy :) We printed them out on cardstock and mounted them on 3×4 Jillibean Soup Soup Staples rectangles. After she wrote them we taped a glow-stick to each one with decorative tape.


Happy non-mushy Valentine’s day!

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Inspiration Challenge #120

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It’s Tuesday, time for the inspiration challenge and I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been feeling very inspired of late. Nothing popped out at me this week so I went back to an old standby to find something to work with this week – the Designer Digitals weekly challenge.  This was from a while back – November I think, but it spoke to me today so I went with it!


I must admit that I’m on a big of an Anthro kick lately so that might have helped. Here’s my take – I think it worked really well with my less-than-stellar photos (I took these from inside the house, too cold to go outside with those kids!):


I loved how the inspiration piece had those colorful photos but it works just as well with snow photos, right?

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Inspiration Challenge #119

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I perused Pinterest for my latest inspiration -it’s based on a web design and it’s prety clean and simple. I’m guessing it’s not that new though since the hexagon shape is a fad/trend that been around for a while but I decided to use it this week:


And here’s my take. Look, another white background! :o


Next time I’ll try to use a different color background…or will I?

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Inspiration Challenge #118

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Greetings from a very rainy MA. It’s not snowing, so I’m not complaining. I spent the past week preparing for my daughter’s birthday party – no prizes for guessing the theme of this week’s layout! My inspiration came from a movie poster that I found on a new-to-me site: http://gathr.us/ – a site for previewing new films. Lots of interesting movies = lots of wonderful movie posters! Here’s one that caught my eye:


And my take:


Still stuck on white backgrounds. Wonder if that will change this year?  How ’bout you?

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Inspiration Challenge #117

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Happy Tuesday! I’ve decided to keep going with my ad challenges this year, after taking a little break for December. This week I found inspiration at Designer Digitals – Katie provides new inspiration every week and I’m lifting her template challenge this week. I love the design she found at Threadsense:


Katie provides a free template which I used for my layout — you can download the template from DD. Here’s what I did – a quickie Christmas layout.


Quick, simple, easy. I think that might be my motto for 2014. We’ll see! How about you? Are you staying warm this cold and stormy January?

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Throwback Thursday: Looking forward, looking back

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Ah, the start of the new year (hey, I always take Jan 1st off – it’s still party time!), time to get organized, make lists, reflect on the past year and figure out a plan for the upcoming year. For the past few years I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favorite layouts from the past year. It seems like a pretty good tradition so here’s my list for 2013 – in no particular order:


Birthdays can be difficult to scrap when there’s lots of poor quality photos — especially indoor parties but I really like how this turned.


I really liked white backgrounds in 2013. And how cute are these two?


More white(ish). I definitely went the simpler route this year, cleaner, more straight lines.


Still loving blending photos, or even bits of photos.


Look! A paper page! With stitching!


I’m very punny…somtimes.



Did I mention that I was all about white backgrounds this year?


But then again, black is another go-to color. I made the layout above for Debbie Hodge’s Making it Mean seminar at Masterful Scrapbook Design.


This is probably my favorite of the whole year – it’s colorful (with a white background), has lots of photos arranged in a clean and simple way with pops of embellishments here and there. It’s me.

Link me up if you do your own top 10 layouts – I’d love to see.  Looking forward, I’m still trying to think of a word for the year. I’m thinking it might be balance, not just in balancing work/life/family but the idea that there are two sides to everything and to think of what might be on the other side of issues. What about you? Do you pick a word for the year?

Happy 2014 everyone!

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